Just because I am not on the Right, does NOT mean that I am on the Left.


It is a popular dichotomy. Just as it was on the playground while in elementary school, “If you’re not for us, you’re against us,” has permeated modern day politics and the verbiage of those who affiliate with either of the two major parties currently destroying our country today. Why is it so hard to believe that there are many of us who choose not to affiliate with either side? …and do you blame the growing number of “us” for NOT doing so?

With the constant bickering, name calling and jabs made between the Republicans & Democrats and conservatives & liberals to each other and anyone who doesn’t agree with them, it feels like we have not yet stepped off the playground (“He started it!”) and into the very adult role of taking accountability for your actions, and putting such childish jest aside to do what you are supposed to do as an elected official- your JOB.

I speak on a smaller scale level at the moment and will leave the big wigs out of it. I speak of the fervent lemmings that identify as either party who think they are oh so clever with their constant attacks on the other side, spreading their lies and misinformation across social networking sites, hoping that someone will applaud their “activism” and maybe join their side of the argument with their witty one liners and straw man arguments. When someone like me, who is a proud independent but leans Libertarian nowadays, comes in to add my piece into the thread of baseless bashing (which is usually along the lines of “Ummm… where is the source for this?” or “I like cheese! *winky face*”) numerous times, I get told that I am a member of the party that they disagree with and am “brainwashed” by their propaganda. Their sources are always the most accurate and trustworthy and if you are not “tuned in”- you are sadly uninformed and an agent for the other side. Like, it is impossible for anyone to have a political opinion nowadays without guidance from a major party and the media outlets that they pay off handsomely to instill said opinion into the masses.

So, what about those on the fringe who have been disenfranchised from our respective parties or have never seen the need to take a side? Here is some of the crap that gets said to us on a regular basis:

1) You are throwing away your vote by voting outside the two party system!

No, I didn’t throw it away. I happily invested it into a candidate who may not be as corroded or corrupted as your major party candidate who is working for his/her colleagues over the voice of the people who elect him/her. I have been playing “lesser of two evils” my whole life and am sick of it and would rather put my vote into someone who is not tied up in all BS the two parties enjoy to fling about and enjoy a clean conscious. Or maybe, just maybe *gasp* I identify with this candidate and believe in their policies as opposed to going down the line electing officials based on their party ideals alone.

2) You gotta pick a side at some point, you can’t live “on the fence” forever…

No, maybe not, but when you see what is on either side, you realize it is far more comfortable to balance in between with a fence post up your ass than to jump down into either of those shark ridden sides. Maybe we should just move across the street and build a barricade. Keep your stupid fence and have fun flinging flaming bags of poo over them at each other. Us independents, libertarians and other free thinkers will actually work on getting something done perhaps.

3) Revolution will never happen. It will always be the two party system, might as well play along…

Yeah, “they” also said countless things would never happen but they certainly have. Though we are stuck in the present the future is being made every day and a big part of that is people like us who stay out of corrosive two party politics, growing and finding each other, forming our own ideals. Isn’t that how the system we have today came to be? From brave idealistic freedom fighters who sought a way out of the corrupted systems of their time and joined together to make a stand to DO something about it? I haven’t entirely lost faith in humanity enough to believe that everything is set in stone and out of our hands to change- sorry that you do feel that way.

I am not intending to bash on people with strong political beliefs, those are yours to keep and share with others as much as you wish and we are fortunate enough to live in a country where you are allowed to scream your views from the roof tops (well… for the most part anyway.) I value my friends of all different political alignments and I will happily listen and try to see your point of view and be open to learn a thing or two as well. …but when you start labeling me as being “brainwashed” by the other side before you even give me a chance to tell you what I actually align with, let me tell you this-

“Just because I am not on your side, does NOT mean I am on the other. Contrary to popular belief, there is a growing number of us who want nothing to do with your two party system. We are sick of sitting back and watching you destroy this country and make us look like international assholes to the rest of the world. We may be small in number but your antics ensure that we continue to grow at an alarming rate. We do not fit into your intricately labeled boxes that you attempt to stuff us into and screw up your fancy little graphs and tables. We are the libertarians each of your parties shun and the independents who are ashamed to align with either of you. And we are finding each other and coming together while you continue to war with those within your flock and others. It is only a matter of time before you are obsolete and room is made for a new perspective and great change that this country desperately needs.”

/end political rant for the day


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