Markathon, My new favorite Christmas Tradition!

Image12/04/13- I do not normally listen to the radio en route while driving, never mind at home! I have a fully loaded Ipod full of my churning and ever morphing musical tastes, as well as safely filed away musical relics from my past, anything I could ever need for the fix that only music can provide. Yet, all this week… I have been tuned into Portland Maine’s WCYY both in my car and at home- my computer is hooked into my 18 inch vocal PA speaker and always playing in the back ground as our family goes about our tasks.

That is for one reason… Markathon! For this week (102 hours) WCYY radio DJ Mark Curdo will be taking song requests, as well as entertaining an assortment of guests in studio, for donations to The Center for Grieving Children< (Portland & Sanford, ME) and will play anything! (as long as it fits radio decency regulations) He usually doesn’t sleep more than a couple hours a night and the requests never stop! As you can imagine, those wishing to donate to this cause have quite a wide range of musical interests! (and Mark still finds a way to do it tastefully- dealing with quite the onslaught while being as sleep deprived as he is!) Tuning in means hearing any possible genre or style from any possible generation at any possible time- it is too funny to hear foofy pop songs and sappy crooners on a station that is renown for playing hard rock & alternative. (Nice to hear obscure favorites like Mr Bungle & Meshuggah too.) Every song that you hear, is a donation to a local organization that provides services for families that are dealing with grief, as result of death. The radio musical fundraiser is riddled with choice snippets from those who have been a visitor at the center and benefited from their services. There are some true tear jerking hopeful sentiments from young children, and comforted adults rationalizing their experiences. It is all truly sincere and a nice thing to hear on the radio, which is usually full of inane people screaming at you to buy stuff or a result of feeding an ego induced mania. It is very enjoyable to listen to and participate in.

The Center for Grieving Children has been in operation for 25+ years and provides support, peer counselling, education and outreach to families in grief or dealing with chronic illness in Southern Maine. It reaches a wide array of individuals (much like Markathon does!) as grief is a universal affliction. One thing that all of us have in common as humans is that we all have to deal with death- whether it is the loss of a loved one or eventually- our self. I am moved that such a place exists to provide counsel for those of us who are feeling the pain of loss and even more moved that this local radio DJ took it upon himself to raise money for this cause.

Markathon is in it’s 6th year of raising money for The Center. They raised over $37,000 last year and $30,000+ the prior year.

I have been listening for the past 4 years religiously and normally donate to hear “Masochism Tango” by Tom Leher but am especially broke this year so I have decided to write this blog instead and hopefully spread the word to someone who may not know about this amazing fundraiser.

There are still a few days left to participate in Markathon, as of right now 12/04/13!

You can tune into stream WCYY here world wide.

Learn more about The Center for Grieving Children here.


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