Dear Real World: The Position You Applied For Has Already Been Filled.

So, I have decided to blog whenever I feel like I am a complete loser in the adult world because at least I am doing something. There is something satisfying about the tangibility of words when the rest of your life seems to be out of grasp.

Can’t seem to get the hours I need at work that fit my availability, even though I am a competent health care professional of 5+ years? Blog about it. My countless resumes dropped into countless inboxes for countless companies that might as well have ¬†“dead on arrival” for the subject line? ¬†Blog it out. Still can’t figure out how my 8+ years as an exotic dancer can serve as relevant work experience in highlighting my negotiation & manipulation and people skills without being stigmatized as a #$%^ or leaving a gap in my job history? Blog. Blog. Blog. Continue reading


The First Blog of a “Thirty-Something”, Ready to “Live in the Future.”

I am a child of the 80’s. I found CBs to be fascinating, the fact that you could instantly talk to anybody outside of your usual environment (though they were usually lonely truckers, or creepy guys looking for a victim that matched my description) and used to peruse the phone book finding victims to prank call or even just to have a chat and was always grateful when somebody would take time out of their day to indulge me in a random conversation. I always ached for something outside of my usual environment, to engage with people who had a life different than my own rural girl upbringing and utilized every low tech means of that time that I had to “reach out and touch someone”- much to the annoyance of many people who were perfectly fine with not being “touched” in such a way. Continue reading