Dear Real World: The Position You Applied For Has Already Been Filled.

So, I have decided to blog whenever I feel like I am a complete loser in the adult world because at least I am doing something. There is something satisfying about the tangibility of words when the rest of your life seems to be out of grasp.

Can’t seem to get the hours I need at work that fit my availability, even though I am a competent health care professional of 5+ years? Blog about it. My countless resumes dropped into countless inboxes for countless companies that might as well have ¬†“dead on arrival” for the subject line? ¬†Blog it out. Still can’t figure out how my 8+ years as an exotic dancer can serve as relevant work experience in highlighting my negotiation & manipulation and people skills without being stigmatized as a #$%^ or leaving a gap in my job history? Blog. Blog. Blog. Continue reading


Just because I am not on the Right, does NOT mean that I am on the Left.


It is a popular dichotomy. Just as it was on the playground while in elementary school, “If you’re not for us, you’re against us,” has permeated modern day politics and the verbiage of those who affiliate with either of the two major parties currently destroying our country today. Why is it so hard to believe that there are many of us who choose not to affiliate with either side? …and do you blame the growing number of “us” for NOT doing so? Continue reading