Hey, Congrats on Becoming a Parent- and an Important Target Group for BS!


When you first become a parent, you automatically become a target group. It kind of blew my mind because I had always lived outside of mainstream popular media fed society and was oblivious to such panderings. Companies immediately consider you fair game and try to tug on your heart strings, fears and aspirations as a parent for profit. Advertising screams “Buy this, or you are a bad parent without your child’s best interests in mind! Watch our show to ensure your child’s peak development! Only use this, listen to this, wear this as long as you spend spend spend and everything will be fine!” It is overwhelming, especially for one who is not used to being yelled at all the time in such a way. It is easy enough to avoid, really. Just don’t acknowledge it and realize that in a culture where everyone wants to make a buck, nothing is sacred and be prepared to throw on your deflector shield. Research products on your own and decide what is really the best option. Continue reading